Sunday, August 13, 2006

"We are not Afraid"

"We are not Afraid"
Lyrics by Patty Hunter
July 28, 2005
Edited by Bob Hunter
Need permission to use lyric

The song rang throughout the lands: "We are not Afraid."
The people of Earth came together, strong in voice, hand in hand,
"We are not Afraid." That song will be with them forever.
God will always be with the innocents forever and ever.
We will find the terrorists who masterminded this dastardly deed.
But we should take heed and not let our heads go and lead
Us into doing the same thing the killers had done to them.
For each of the Terrorists shall not go to Heaven.
"We are not Afraid", the World cried. "We are not Afraid."

"We are not Afraid", was the cry of all the people on this sphere
People must get together, help each other overcome this fear.
May God be with His children forever, God wants us to say:
"We are not Afraid". Oh, please Earth, please pray to our
God in Heaven and only He can save the people from such hate
For in Him alone, we put our faith. "We are not Afraid".
For our God in Heaven is the saving Grace and in Him alone
Because of that we will go and have eternal life,
For without our God, we will live in strife, damned forever.

"We are not Afraid", the Word is amongst us, Jesus is His Name.
Don't be afraid of Him, this is not a game. He is here and alive
We have nothing to hide from Jesus, our King of Kings and
Lord of Lords. And because of Him, we shall sing loudly:
"We are not Afraid". For the terrorists are cowardly and low.
We must stop this continuing hate and strife amongst us.
The only way our of this mess is our Lord and Loving Jesus.
May the Earth in all of its Splendor say again:
"We are not Afraid", trust in God and live forever. Amen.


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