Thursday, December 15, 2016

It's Wintertime

written by Patty Hunter
December 12th, 2016
Copyrighted (c)
need permission to use by Patty Hunter 

It is wintertime, and it’s snowing,
So, let’s have fun outdoors,
With the sun shining brightly, through the clouds
The snow is calling us, you know
So, get away from your computers
And exercise outside,
Make some snow balls
Or lie on the ground
to make snow angels,
By swishing side to side
Don’t sit indoors and hide.
Go out and build a snowman.
Oh, just think of the funny stuff
That you can put on him.
With a scarf, some coal for eyes
and a carrot for a nose.
This is what it is like to play outdoors.

Merry Christmas to all

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Bobby Hart's latest music video... Hurt So Bad , I put it on with his permission

Published on Apr 30, 2016
From The First Bobby Hart Solo Album - 7a Records. Available on Amazon.

interview with Angela-Lina Belfi

An Interview with Angela-Lina Belfi
RE: Belfi the PRO singer/entertainer.
January, 2016, I interviewed Angela-Lina Belfi, wife of Belfi, the PRO singer/entertainer whilst in the facebook chatroom.. Angela-Lina Belfi and Belfi, resides in Holland and as for me, I am here living in the USA.
I said: Angela, I have a TV Show, was hoping to do a phone-in interview then via Studio.
Angela: belfi has no phone & stays away from the web and that's why I'm here for him.
Patty: Have the both of you ever been to the USA, for concerts?
Angela: Never
Patty: it will be going up to 50 degree F. here... and only should be 20 degrees F... weird winter
Angela: mankind destroys the planet and there goes the answer
Patty: Aye, the earth is changing, and that mankind destroys all beauty... but, there are some wonderful people out there, too.
Angela: True, one more reason to support each other
Patty: you know, I will write a lyric about this, I love life, itself... not the evil that is here on Earth... but, goodness is here too like a light in the darkness
Angela: there are both, it's all up to each of us to do good or evil
Patty: good and evil ... we have to keep our heads above all evil.. do good towards each other... and love ... be at peace..
Angela agreed
Patty: it isn't easy but.. it can happen
Angela: "no struggle, no fun and no life"…
Patty: I definitely agree with you on that.
And then I went on to mention to her:
I say, have you heard one of Stanley Straube song's called "No Work For The Masses" ... I wrote the lyrics and he sang it for me...for that song, I put together a music video with still pictures, which was donated to me by my close friend, Terrence Doran... it turned out awesome, I must say.
Angela: Course, I have. As you know belfi & Stanley co wrote and did 3 videos together
Patty: one of my favourite songs, too .. Stanley also sang for me... with my lyrics, of course,... A Touch of Life
Angela: goodie
Patty: that the song, A Touch of Life, was a pro-life song... to which I am
Angela: spot on
Patty: Angela, my late aunt was an abortionist and that I have been an activist for life since the 1960s, which was a very long time
Angela: good news
Patty: I thanked her
She replied, in French, avec plaisir, meaning "with pleasure".
Patty: have you heard my song, A Touch of Life?
Angela: yes
Patty: Stanley did an awesome job doing it
Angela: Stan knows his bit
Patty: told Angela that I agreed
Angela: belfi would not have worked with him otherwise
Patty: aye, Stanley is top-notch and she agreed with me.
I also, helped him with some of his songs... my husband, Bob and I, collaborated with him in the lyrics of his songs up to3 or 4 of his songs and I hear them on Reverbnation
Angela: "reverb does not work here" and I said, didn't know that… and she responded by saying, "u now do"
More Questions:
1/ how long have you known Belfi?
I've know belfi for 2O years
2/ when did he first start to become interested in singing?
Belfi started singing at age 3
3/ who was his mentor whilst growing up?
No mentor
4/ what genre is his music?
belfian genre
5/ is he an actor, too? (he is quite a character, too)
yes, actor too (creative character)
6/ how many DVDs or CDs has he master
9 albums+ 13 DVD's+ 33 duets + various productions for other artists
And I said at the end of my questions…I am on a roll now, girlfriend...
Angela: Rock & roll girlfriend. belfi created a whole planet we can fit in, in our heart & soul
Patty: I responded by saying, "aye... belfi has done that"
Angela: "course he has"
Patty: he is his own person... and answers to a different drum, as they say... he forges into life like a pioneer exploring a new territory
Angela: exactly belfian also means no progress without deviating from the norm so do things different
Patty: sounds like a plan to me and what words can Belfi tell my readers, about how to achieve their goal in life... to encourage them... etc.
Angela: be yourself follow your heart belfian love, support & respect to every one
Patty: yes,,, hear hear... I agree and all life, too
Angela: of course the straube/belfi DOUBLE DUTCH song says all that
MACVAINE, STRAUBE & BELFI ; double dutch
double dutch video taken from BELFI's album "FLYIN SURGEON" 2011 recorded at the ONE STUDIO in HOLLAND
Patty: where are you and Belfi... ? I should have asked that in the beginning
Angela: we're on planet belfi, of course
Patty: ahhhhhhh this I know...
Peace be with you, Angela and Belfi... long life and much love
Angela: peace, belfian love, support & respect
double dutch video taken from BELFI's album "FLYIN SURGEON" 2011 recorded at the ONE STUDIO in HOLLAND

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Patty's Page - Guest: musician Jeffery Straker