Sunday, May 04, 2008

A passing of a dear friend, Dotty

On April 21, 2008.... a wonderful elderly lady named Dorothy passed on to Glory... she is with Jesus now... long may she reign... shall miss her terribly... was a close and dear friend of mine... and, was like a mom to me, as well... she gave me advice and knowledge a person of her age would give... may, and if, I get to be her age before she died, pass on knowledge and memories onto others, too... she is no longer suffering and lonely for people to be with her... now, she has God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit plus all of the Hosts of Heaven and saints, to boot... oh, how I envy her right now... but, when my time comes, which I believe it will be but a wee while longer, I shall willingly go home and live in the House of the Lord forever... do I hear an Amen?


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