Sunday, January 10, 2010


All funds are tax deductible as a charitable contribution.

Through the MARCH-A-THON we are able to raise some additional prolife funds vitally needed to continue the work to protect the right to life for all preborn babies, their parents, and our society.

We know that for every marcher in Washington, there are many more prolifers back home who would like to do their part to promote the prolife cause. We can use our long trip to Washington to help put dollars into our meager prolife treasuries so that we can continue with important educational work all year long.

Agenda items of the President, Congress, and Supreme Court have set the stage for crucial prolife work which must be done for the remainder of 2009 and into 2010. Additional funds must be raised to finance these increased year-round educational activities.

Funds raised by this MARCH-A-THON will be divided evenly for work in Washington and in local prolife communities designated by the Marcher.

March for Life Fund will administer the MARCH-A-THON, including publishing sponsor sheets, validating sheets at the end of the March on January 22, notifying each sponsor of the verification, and assuring that 50% of the total proceeds collected will be distributed to those local prolife charitable groups designated by the participants.

* Click here for a copy of the sponsor sheet. Click here for a copy of the instructions. Please reproduce as many as you need before writing on the sheet.
* Sign up your MARCH-A-THON sponsors, and fill in all requested information on the sponsor sheet, including amount pledged. Anyone can be your sponsor—member of your family, local merchant, teacher, pastor, etc. You can have as many sponsors as you like, and each sponsor can pledge any amount of money, small or large. These charitable contributions are tax deductible. The route of the march is about 10 blocks. Your sponsors could pledge an amount by the block, or by the March, whichever they prefer. Please Print the names and addresses of your sponsors.
* Bring your sponsor sheet(s) with you to the March for Life in Washington, on January 22, 2010, so that they may be validated. The March begins at the site of our March for Life Rally, in the Mall, which is the large park just west of the Capitol.
* Have your sponsor sheet(s) validated by an official of the March for Life Fund at the END of the line of march after the Supreme Court—East Capitol and First Street, NE.
* You may collect the amounts either when the sponsor makes the pledge or when you take the validated sponsor sheet(s) home with you and collect the amounts pledged by your sponsors. Put a checkmark in the last column of the sponsor sheet when you have collected the amount pledged.
* After you have collected the pledges, return your validated sponsor sheet(s) and a check for all the money you collected to: March for Life Fund, PO Box 90300, Washington, DC, 20090. March for Life Fund will send a letter of verification and thanks to each sponsor, and also send a sample of this letter to you.
* Make your check payable to March for Life Fund and indicate on the sponsor sheet the name and address of your local prolife charitable organization to receive 50% of the funds you have raised. March for Life Fund will send a letter and check to your prolife charitable group, explaining the funds and showing your name as the Marcher who is making the contribution. A copy of this letter will be sent to you.

Thank you very much for your interest and MARCH-A-THON work, which really serves to provide necessary prolife funds.


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