Monday, November 08, 2010

Native Blood

Native Blood
written by Patty Hunter
copyrighted (c)
November 8th, 2010

God be with the people
The ones with Native Blood
Whether Cheyenne or Hopi
the message must get shown.

For quite some time,
the ones with Native Blood
were ruling o'er the lands
long before the settlers came
they were strong and very proud.

For centuries, they lived,
the ones with Native Blood,
lived in Peace and Harmony
Long before the settlers came,
they'd harmonized with everything.

The settlers caused distress
among ones with Native Blood
The soil cried out in pain
when the settlers deed was done.

May God be with the ones with Native Blood
and may He forgive the settlers for what they had done.
May we all live in Peace and Harmony someday
the way God had intended us to be always.

We are all beings of the human race.
May we finally see this truth post haste
For the Lord, Himself was sent here for all
Become one with Him and be together you all.


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