Monday, July 11, 2011

(When one is Terminally Ill)
written by Patty Hunter
one needs permission to use this poem

When one is terminally ill
with the big C-word
the name is called Cancer
It gives one a very big chill
just to think that now
there no cure for an answer.

Only the Lord God, Himself,
can extend our lives
from what we call Cancer
Only from Jesus, can we live
thru Him, will he give
the best cure for an answer.

God please save us now
from the unholy death
of the thing we call Cancer
For we are in need of you
to bring us posthaste
the only cure for an answer.

God bless you, my friend, Judy,
of whom I had known
for 23 years.
May the Good Lord, Himself
be with her and her family.
May there be a cure.


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