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From New Age to New Life by Patty Hunter

From New Age to New Life
The Testimony of Pat Hunter

            I was born on May 6th, 1952 in the Greater Toronto area of Ontario, Canada.
            I was raised Roman Catholic. Up until the age of 12, I religiously went to church.
            While I was growing up I became interested in the "Sleeping Prophet" (Edgar Casey), books on the Mayans and information on different religions, such as Buddhism, Judaism, and Egyptology. I was also interested in the supernatural, like ghosts, mediums and U.F.O's.
            In 1980, my mom died and I missed her immensely. I went back to church two years later, when I was 30 years of age, but I still felt empty. Nothing seemed to fill an aching heart. I couldn't grasp death properly in those days and I started to believe in reincarnation. Between 1984 and 1985 I left the Roman Catholic Church and went into the occult, or shall I say, the new age movement. I was in the movement for at least three interesting and yet frightening years. How I got into it was a story in itself.
            In 1985 I started hearing a voice that led me to believe that I could heal animals; in particular, a stray cat which I later adopted. My cat's name was Angel and he lived with me for 16 years. After Angel was somehow healed, I started to go further into the realm of the occult.

            In 1985, I read a new age newsletter or magazine call "The Common Ground." As I leafed through it, a name shone out. He was a follower of the guru Bhagwan Rashneesh! I believe his name was Veetgyan. For the next three years I went to him once a month in order to have my "past lives" healed, or at least the memories of them. (Later when I got out of the movement, and into Christianity, I learned that you only live once, die once and then are judged by God.)
            The voice I was hearing sent me to several different places. This spirit led me to people in large crowds, surprising both my friends as well as myself. I also went to listen to seers, spiritual healers, etc., and they led me to certain people who were in the Rock and Roll business. I helped several singers with the help of the spiritual guides. But when I came out of the New Age Movement I changed for the better and now I don't believe that the spiritual guides were from God but were from Lucifer himself.. I am a Christian now and I am living a wonderful life in my marriage with my husband, Bob.
            While I was in the movement, I was not completely under control of myself physically or emotionally. As I look back at what I did, I can see that believing in this spiritual guide or familiar spirit was an abomination. I was not checking up on what was happening to me by comparing my life with the Holy Bible. I was lost.
            It took from the age of 12 to the age of 36 to find out the truth about how dangerous the new age movement was and how believing in God the Father, Jesus, + the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, was correct.
            I had many experiences that would horrify a Christian or anyone who wishes to believe but hasn't quite yet given his or her live to Jesus Christ.
            Going into the occult is the worst thing anyone can do. Getting into the occult for the simple pleasures it provides isn't worth the price of losing one's soul.
            God helped me out of the new age movement and into Christianity. We are now Lutherans. My friend Wendy was used by God to introduce me to Bob, whom I later married. Wendy also took me to a new age seminar in 1988. That was when I found out how dangerous a situation I was in, being involved in the occult. There I learned about the Jesus of the Holy Bible, not the cosmic Jesus of the occult.
            I was also taken into a room at the seminar and met a woman named Constance who, by the Grace of God, showed me the Truth. I was educated about how evil Satan was and still is to this day.
            I later met members of a Christian ministry that helped families whose children are in the occult. This ministry helped me as well. I came out of the bondage caused by Satan. Thank God for saving me and getting me back into believing in our Lord God, Almighty.

            Between Constance and the ministry, I learned the absolute Truth. Shocked, I went crying out into the hall. I had realized that I had done wrong against God and myself. I then thought that I wouldn't be forgiven, but I was wrong there too. Jesus died on the cross for our sins and if we as His children repent of our sins, He will forgive us.
                        Two days later, I went to a friend's church and had an exorcism done on me. A few days after that I accepted Jesus into my life. The Holy Spirit came into me and I felt an evil thing leave me. As it left me, I saw it. It looked like an angry humanoid lizard glaring at me.
                        Christ is my wonderful Saviour, Lord and Master, Redeemer. He is God Incarnate. He washed my sins away with His Blood. Jesus died on the cross for me, and also for the forgiveness of sins for all of the people around this world of ours. But not everyone will be saved, because they will reject our Lord of Hosts. They will die and go to hell. As for the believers in Christ Jesus, they will go to Heaven to spend eternity with Our Mighty Lord God, God Almighty Himself.
                        Even though I still sin, as long as I believe in Jesus and repent when I do sin, I shall be forgiven. I know that He has forgiven me and will continue to do so as long as I ask Him.      
                        "The Good News" of Our Lord, Our Beloved Saviour, Jesus Christ was what saved my soul from damnation.
                        If it wasn't for my God Who helped me out of the occult, I would not be writing my testimony and be helping others out of the occult and the new age movement. I am writing about the dangers of the occults, cults and the religions which don't believe in and put their faith in Jesus Christ alone. Only through Jesus Christ, Our Lord, can we get into Heaven and be with Our God, the Creator of life itself.
                        Jesus is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, Amen to that.
            Bob and I, had worked for the Christian ministry that helped me out of the occult.
                        Jesus is our Redeemer, and Saviour, the Lord of Hosts, Most High God, King of Heaven and Earth, the Beginning and End, the Alpha and Omega. Know something?? I just can't say enough of Our God Almighty, Himself.    +      J
                        I am now on medicine because of the fallout from being in the new age movement (occult). I will have to live with my mistakes, but I will use my errors to educate people and to help others out of the occult, too.

                        Where there is weakness in man, there is strength in the Lord, God Almighty. We can rely on Him, Our Lord, totally now and forever.
                        I feel free and I am still in love with my husband, Bob, after all these years. I know that I will love Bob forever.  And I will eternally Love my God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
Love in Christ and in His Name and May God Bless you!
By Patty Maggie Anne Hunter
September 11, 2002
Update: July 2, 2013

Berit Kjos is convinced that millions of women are traveling down cultural freeways to self-made spirituality. Why, she asks, have feminist myths and goddesses replaced biblical faith for many Christians who have embarked on journeys of self-discovery. Included in the book is the testimony of Pat, the webmaster of Patty's Page!


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