Sunday, August 13, 2006

O Holy One

O Holy One
(To be spoken, not Sung)

O Holy One, God of Light, Risen One!
the One Who died on the cross for our sins,
Please protect us from all evil.

O Holy One, come into our lives forever,
Change us, O Lord god, Jehovah!
Make us into a new creation. Deliver us!

You, Who shall judge the living and the dead,
Come to us, transform us and show us
We have nothing to dread.

O Holy One, thank you Jesus for being there.
We know all people will be treated justly,
Come Judgment Day.

Hallelujah, thanks be to God
Hallelujah, Praise His Holy Name.

Copyrighted, Patty Hunter, year 2001


Blogger Patty Hunter said...

Love one another as Jesus has loved you... obey the Ten Commandants, put your faith in the Lord, Jesus ... blessings be with you.


March 28, 2011 8:24 PM  

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