Monday, September 24, 2007

My Father has passed away

Patty's father, Steven Lenaghan
has passed away... Sept. 04, 2007

teve Lenaghan, at the ripe ole age of 88, passed away during the wee hours of the morning on the day of September 4th, 2007... my father had passed from this world into the next... meaning going home to Heaven and is with the Holy Triune. I miss him terribly and I am still numbed by all of this. May God forgive me for I haven't really cried that much... father had over the course of 2 years went from a strapping brilliant man to a person with Alzheimer's Disease and having congestive heart failure, to boot.

Towards the end, father had lost over 40 some-odd pounds... it was sad to see him go like that and I felt guilty for not going up there to be with him on a everyday basis.

I know that God is pleased with father... for father is now with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit plus all of the saints who went before him ... I also know that father is with my mother, Gertrude, as well... Aye, mother was a saintly woman, at that.

I know that I will go to be with him sometime soon... maybe, not right at this moment but in the distant future... one never knows when one's time will be up... only the Lord, Himself, knows and He isn't telling anyone, otherwise, life wouldn't be rightly lived out to its potential... May God be with my father and my mother forever and a day in eternity.

I knew that father was a believer for a long time... we talked for hours on about the Lord and Heaven. I wrote many lyrics and had sent them to father to read... he was pleased with me and my work, and he told me to carry on with the writing about our Lord God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

He was also pleased about me being married to my husband... for that I am grateful to have received father's blessings for my marriage to my wonderful and loving husband.

Steve Lenaghan, God's chosen father for me and my siblings... I will always keep your memory in my heart and in my soul... May God bless you, Steve and my mother, Gertrude, now and forever... " I'll be seeing you in all of the familiar places." (Vera Lynn's song during the WW2 era.)

God be with you

Love you too

(aka Patty Maggie Anne Hunter)

God's Peace be with you and your families, my friends... take loving care of your parents... we only live once, die once and then go either Home to Heaven with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


Be in Hell along with Satan and not have the Eternal
Love and Presence of the Lord, our God, with them.


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