Tuesday, March 20, 2007

News about my lungs - March 20, 2007

Well, people... I heard today that I had a moderate increase of damage in my lungs but the doctor feels that my disease maybe and/or could be reversed... maybe, ... but I wouldn't have my lungs completely healed, I mean, once the tissue has been destroyed, one cannot get it back, but with a strong regiment of medicines being put into my body, esp. my lungs....... maybe, just maybe, I will get better and live a long life and continue to write. Please pray for me, my husband and family... we have been going through a lot this past 2 years. My Dad has Alzheimer's Disease, my best buddy, Edmund died of terminal cancer, another friend died the year before.... I mean, the list goes on and on... the older one gets, the more parts wear out, I must say.... God please continue to be with us, we need you more than ever before now.


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