Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

To everyone out there... may the year 2008 be more healthy and peaceful for them... please pray for peace on this war-torn and hungry planet of ours... only the Good Lord, Himself, can finally bring eternal peace to this valley of darkness, we call Earth.

This Earth of ours needs Jesus in our daily lives, may He be with you always, only through the Grace of God can we be saved... Peace be with you and your family and friends this blessed new year... and may it be a better one than last year.

Jesus, Who is the Son of God and Son of Man... being in one body, being 100 percent on both accounts... Only, through Jesus can a human go to God, the Father... The Holy Spirit is the comforter and co-creator, along with God and Jesus... they are three-in-one person, whom we call our Creator. Makes one want to read the Word, the Gospel, about our Lord, read the Bible, that is where God's Truth's lies.

The Holy Spirit came down after Jesus ascended into Heaven, and, Jesus went to sit at the right hand of God, the Father to judge both the living and the dead come Judgment Day, and only through Jesus intersession, can His people come home...

Creation was made out of God's love for life and for us humans, as well... Humans were made in God's Own Image but even though we were made in His Image, there is no way we are Gods. There is only one God in three-person, blessed Trinity.

Come Judgment Day, the non-believers (people who do not put their faith in the Lord, God) will go to hell and be eternally punished and not have any love at all.... for the light of the world will not reach the darken and fallen, Jesus face will not shine on them... there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

As for the believers, we who know the Creator and put our trust and faith in Him... we who love Christ Jesus, we will indeed go home to the Heavenly Realm to live with God there, full of truth, peace and eternal life with Him... Oh, what a blessed day that would be.


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