Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Doctor

I say, I hope this little ditty would interest you... :-)


Patty Maggie Anne Hunter

The Doctor

written by Patty Hunter
June 15, 2008

They call him the doctor
Who is a Time Lord too.
We watch the show every week
A great sci-fi television show
Something worth seeing
Even though is isn't real
It is nice to chill and relax
And watch the show.

This doctor travels through space
With many a companion by his side
And, he saves many worlds from strife
He doesn't hide from any enemies
And, changes his form once in awhile.

The doctor's name is unknown
He has been around for centuries
He is the last of his kind
He roams the universe
Seeks out evil and does good deeds
Helps mankind to survive

The doctor is a survivor from long ago
He came from a distant planet,
He lived in a distant galaxy,
He can travel from century
To century and back again.

It is such fun to watch each show
Every week, we look forward
To see what will happen next.

Enjoy, life, I say..
It is too short


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