Tuesday, August 30, 2011

oh, people of the world 2

Oh, people of the World,
What shall we do with the Mentally Ill?
May God bless them all!

Written by Patty Hunter
One needs permission to use this poem

Oh, people of the world,
What shall we do with the mentally ill?
May God bless them all!

It is not their fault that they are ill
It is the brain that's not functioning.

My own experience in this case is real

I am Bi-polar and I haven't been healed
Is it the food that we possibly eat?
the places that we live in? What?

Why is there so much pain out there?

Disease means, "ill at ease" of the body and soul.
It is indeed a fallen world that we live in.
We must gather together in order to win

We, as humans, must stop the prejudice
Which is aimed towards the ill of mind,

Please help the ones, who cannot help themselves,

Be with them when they fall.
Together we need each other all in all.

It doesn't mean the mentally ill are useless.
We too can contribute to mankind,

May God bless the meek and the small,
For without Him, there wouldn't be any life at all.


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