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interview with Angela-Lina Belfi

An Interview with Angela-Lina Belfi
RE: Belfi the PRO singer/entertainer.
January, 2016, I interviewed Angela-Lina Belfi, wife of Belfi, the PRO singer/entertainer whilst in the facebook chatroom.. Angela-Lina Belfi and Belfi, resides in Holland and as for me, I am here living in the USA.
I said: Angela, I have a TV Show, was hoping to do a phone-in interview then via Studio.
Angela: belfi has no phone & stays away from the web and that's why I'm here for him.
Patty: Have the both of you ever been to the USA, for concerts?
Angela: Never
Patty: it will be going up to 50 degree F. here... and only should be 20 degrees F... weird winter
Angela: mankind destroys the planet and there goes the answer
Patty: Aye, the earth is changing, and that mankind destroys all beauty... but, there are some wonderful people out there, too.
Angela: True, one more reason to support each other
Patty: you know, I will write a lyric about this, I love life, itself... not the evil that is here on Earth... but, goodness is here too like a light in the darkness
Angela: there are both, it's all up to each of us to do good or evil
Patty: good and evil ... we have to keep our heads above all evil.. do good towards each other... and love ... be at peace..
Angela agreed
Patty: it isn't easy but.. it can happen
Angela: "no struggle, no fun and no life"…
Patty: I definitely agree with you on that.
And then I went on to mention to her:
I say, have you heard one of Stanley Straube song's called "No Work For The Masses" ... I wrote the lyrics and he sang it for me...for that song, I put together a music video with still pictures, which was donated to me by my close friend, Terrence Doran... it turned out awesome, I must say.
Angela: Course, I have. As you know belfi & Stanley co wrote and did 3 videos together
Patty: one of my favourite songs, too .. Stanley also sang for me... with my lyrics, of course,... A Touch of Life
Angela: goodie
Patty: that the song, A Touch of Life, was a pro-life song... to which I am
Angela: spot on
Patty: Angela, my late aunt was an abortionist and that I have been an activist for life since the 1960s, which was a very long time
Angela: good news
Patty: I thanked her
She replied, in French, avec plaisir, meaning "with pleasure".
Patty: have you heard my song, A Touch of Life?
Angela: yes
Patty: Stanley did an awesome job doing it
Angela: Stan knows his bit
Patty: told Angela that I agreed
Angela: belfi would not have worked with him otherwise
Patty: aye, Stanley is top-notch and she agreed with me.
I also, helped him with some of his songs... my husband, Bob and I, collaborated with him in the lyrics of his songs up to3 or 4 of his songs and I hear them on Reverbnation
Angela: "reverb does not work here" and I said, didn't know that… and she responded by saying, "u now do"
More Questions:
1/ how long have you known Belfi?
I've know belfi for 2O years
2/ when did he first start to become interested in singing?
Belfi started singing at age 3
3/ who was his mentor whilst growing up?
No mentor
4/ what genre is his music?
belfian genre
5/ is he an actor, too? (he is quite a character, too)
yes, actor too (creative character)
6/ how many DVDs or CDs has he master
9 albums+ 13 DVD's+ 33 duets + various productions for other artists
And I said at the end of my questions…I am on a roll now, girlfriend...
Angela: Rock & roll girlfriend. belfi created a whole planet we can fit in, in our heart & soul
Patty: I responded by saying, "aye... belfi has done that"
Angela: "course he has"
Patty: he is his own person... and answers to a different drum, as they say... he forges into life like a pioneer exploring a new territory
Angela: exactly belfian also means no progress without deviating from the norm so do things different
Patty: sounds like a plan to me and what words can Belfi tell my readers, about how to achieve their goal in life... to encourage them... etc.
Angela: be yourself follow your heart belfian love, support & respect to every one
Patty: yes,,, hear hear... I agree and all life, too
Angela: of course the straube/belfi DOUBLE DUTCH song says all that
MACVAINE, STRAUBE & BELFI ; double dutch
double dutch video taken from BELFI's album "FLYIN SURGEON" 2011 recorded at the ONE STUDIO in HOLLAND
Patty: where are you and Belfi... ? I should have asked that in the beginning
Angela: we're on planet belfi, of course
Patty: ahhhhhhh this I know...
Peace be with you, Angela and Belfi... long life and much love
Angela: peace, belfian love, support & respect
double dutch video taken from BELFI's album "FLYIN SURGEON" 2011 recorded at the ONE STUDIO in HOLLAND


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