Sunday, January 14, 2007

The War in Iraq

The War in Iraq
Written by Patty Hunter
January 14, 2007

The war in Iraq is still going on
And, when Saddam was hanged,
We thought it would be over
But the civil war still lingers on.
The innocent by-standers,
Are caught in the middle of this war
When will peace come to the innocent?

They've had many dictators in the past
And, they thought it would last.
But, the world is changing so rapidly
Iraq needs to be changed, be stronger inside.
May the Iraqi people find peace, my friends.
Our world will perish from within,
If we don't get together, we won't survive.

May the Holy Trinity come unto to us.
And people of Iraq, may He bless them,
May God continue to be with them.
May all the people know our Lord Jesus
We need salvation from the tyranny of Satan
Who is the father of lies, the evil one of this Earth
Oh, Lord Jesus, do not let us be forsaken.

The war in Iraq is the focus of the world's concern
When would the world stand up and learn
From the mistakes mankind has continued to make
But Jesus said that there will always be war
The end of the Earth is coming and not very far
Turn to our Lord Jesus before it is too late
We must be with Him and do it with haste.



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