Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Conception Origin

The Conception Origin

Written by Patty Hunter
May 31, 2006
Permission to use this lyric
must be made by Patty Hunter
Copyrighted (c) on May 31, 2006

These are my thoughts on it.

When God made man, He made man in His Own Image.
God breathed into the lump of clay and brought life into Adam.
With Adam’s rib, God made a woman, named Eve.
The conception and birth of their first children
Cain and Abel were evidence that life can be reproduced
and be ordained by God, Himself. Is evidence of life
the beginning of existence that stirred in the womb?
God breathed and gave life when the conception took place
Only through Him can humans and all other life come about
May to God be the Glory, Most High
Who is the originator of life itself.

And the Heavens and the people on this Earth rejoice by saying:
“May the Lord Jehovah be praised.” The Holy Triune of God,
who is the Holy of Holies, The life-giving and loving Creator
be worshiped and glorified by all life itself and the universe
sings out with glee:
“Oh, hallelujah, hallelujah. Heaven and Earth are full of your glory.
Let us rejoice in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.”
God’s Blessings be upon everyone on this Earth,
Which was made by His own Hands.

To God be the glory, for Jesus Christ, His Only Son
Came down from Heaven
Jesus came into Mary already alive, through the Holy Ghost,
And the Holy Conception was made at the time when she conceived.
I believe that God breathed human’s souls to be alive, and only by Himself.
And we were definitely made alive at the time of conception.
You know, even though the sperm and egg weren’t with a soul,
Life was made when they were joined, God made us the humans
That we knew then and now know.

We, ourselves, are living proof that the soul exists.
We should praise the Good Lord, Himself. The WORD
Who was made flesh gave us a second chance to life itself.
And He is still there to help us to live eternally
With Him in Heaven. Only humans have souls.
As for the animals, they have life and that is all,
I mean even though they react with emotions, and such,
They don’t have the souls the Lord gave the humans
Who were made in God’s Own Image. Animals are here
to serve humans and humans are here to serve our God.
That is what the Lord, Himself intended for Adam and Eve
Plus all of their offspring.


Life is sacred and very precious from conception up until death on
this physical world of ours. Our souls, the ones who believe
In the Word, Who is Jesus Christ, our Lord, will live forever
With the Holy Triune who is our God, His Son, Jesus and
The Holy Ghost together, are our Creator and Savior and Comforter,
All in One and without Him, we wouldn't have existed
And be loved by Him at all. And, if we don't believe in Him
We will not be able to live eternally along with our Lord
And Master in Heaven where we were supposed to be.
God made Heaven and Earth by His Glory.
We are His Creation. God bless all who are His.


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