Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Great Physician

The Great Physician

Written by Patty Hunter
June 19, 2008

When Earth was formed many years ago
God had a plan and put life on the sphere
Without our Lord, we wouldn't be here

Adam was formed those many years ago
A perfect person, both body and soul
Then Eve was formed, just as perfect, I am told

When Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge
Man was sent away from the Garden of Life
Since the fall, we needed the Great Physician

The Great Physician is Jesus, Himself
Our Lord Jesus, who is both man and God
Is the Great Healer and Almighty Deity
Without Him, we wouldn't be healed.

Jesus saved his Children from damnation
For He alone, is our Saviour, our salvation
The healer of the world and universe
Without Him, we are eternally cursed

People of Earth, without the Great Physician,
Mankind would not go home to Heaven
He came to take away the sin of the world

He and only He, can save the souls
Of this fallen world of ours
Without Him, we are doomed to eternal death

Jesus came to save our souls by giving Himself
He sacrificed His own body for our sakes


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