Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Life is Good

Life is Good
Written by Patty Hunter
(c) Copyrighted
March 11, 2009

A Tribute to the Band called: "Styx"
(This is to all of the members
and the whole crew of the
Great Rock'n'Roll Band called Styx.)

"Life is Good!" as Tommy would say,
and it's for all of them in Styx too.
I haven't seen them for a while
and, I sure do need a Styx fix.

The boys in the Band
are a great bunch of blokes.
And, out there, they are idols
but to me they are ordinary folks

All of them have great talent,
we all do agree and what
lives they must live too.
My friends, Life is good.

They're quite the characters,
That's why we love them,
they're what we want to be
and, they do it right, Amen.

Here's to the crew,
cause we love you, too.
Without you, we wouldn't
be able to see our boys.

And, so... Tommy, JY, Lawrence, Ricky, Chuck and Todd
This is for you and your crew
Long may you reign, me lads
God bless each and everyone of you, to boot.


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