Saturday, October 18, 2008

When we get older

When we get older
Written by Patty Hunter
(c) copyrighted
October 19, 2008

I have noticed that
when we get older, people
say it is then we need
the Lord, Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ isn't just for
when we get very old.
He is with us everyday
morning, noon and night.
He brings joy into our hearts,
He is with us eternally.

When I mean joy, it is our
soul that sings with delight
that the Lord God, is with us.
Even though we go through
good times and bad, He is
always there for us.

When we are close to dying
we have two choices.
Will we either accept Jesus
into our hearts for eternity
in Heaven or do we reject
Him and go to Hell?

I am being gentle but firm
Jesus is the Way, the Truth
and the Life, Who for us men,
was slain on the cross for
our sin(s). For without Him,
we're dead in both body and soul.

God bless all who mourn their dear family members
who have passed away. May the dearly departed be with
God, our Father, Jesus, God's Son, the Holy Spirit,
Three-in-One Person, blessed Trinity,
plus all of the angels and Archangels
and the saints that are already there in Heaven

God's blessings be with you all.

love from

Patty Hunter


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