Saturday, October 18, 2008

Passing of a dear friend's Mom

Yesterday there was a passing of a wonderful and peaceful mother ... Oct. 17/08... Magda, my friend, wrote to me saying that her mom, Yvonne Younes passed into the next world and is now with Jesus, the Lord Himself... this 94 years young mom had lead a good life and a long one, as well... Yvonne's husband, Ernest had been married to her for some 66 years... a long union, to say the least... please pray for Ernest, for he went into shock when Yvonne died... May God bless and keep the entire family of Yvonne safely in the Palms of His Holy Hands during this time of mourning. Yvonne, had left a legacy of children, grandchildren and yes, great grandchildren. She lives now in Heaven for eternity... she is a delight to the eye of the Lord. God, His Holy Highness has Yvonne under His wing and will never let go of her... she belongs to the Lord, Himself... God bless her and everyone in her family and her friends from abroad...... in loving kindness from Bob and Patty Hunter .... our condolences and prayers are with you, Magda.


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