Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas in Town
Written by Patty Hunter
copyrighted (c)
November 15th, 2010

We will be spending
our Christmas in town
this year, can't wait till
the special holiday arrives.
We will be of good cheer
when that wondrous day comes here.

O'Blessed Jesus, your day
will arrive on such a high note.
Your birthday here on Earth
will be celebrated throughout.

You came to be born
on this Earthly plain
to save us from harm
and desolation, thank you
Lord for the many wondrous
things you have done for us.

We are celebrating Christmas in town
but, no matter where one lives
Christ Jesus had come down for all of us.
To save us, renew us and have mercy
upon us, for all life on Earth.

His believers will go home when it's
time to be with Him in Heaven,
We shall live with Him forever and ever.
God's Blessings be with one and all.

From the Hunter Family


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