Thursday, July 10, 2008

God Speed, my love

God Speed, my Love
Written by Patty Hunter and Tony Smith
Composer: Tony Smith
June 20, 2008
(c) copyrighted

May you travel safely,
He'll continually bless,
Watching you while you're on your way.
Come back to me safely
I pray each day for you
May God be with us always
Now until the end of days.

God speed, my love, until we meet again
You're always in my heart and every dream.
Don't let this time apart give into all our fears
God will keep us close from up above
So until we meet again, God Speed My Love.

God is with us always
For the rest of all our lives
I'll be content to stand here as your wife
It's so long since I have seen you,
Hurry home. back to my side
There's no one else I'd rather have to share my life
From now until the end of time.



I know life brings us some heartache and pain,
But true love helps us get through.
Don't let the feelings we have fade away
'Cause soon I'll be next to you.



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