Sunday, September 14, 2008

Finally, We're in Fort Wayne

Finally, We're in Fort Wayne
Written by Patty Hunter
(c) copyrighted
September 14, 2008

Well, folks, finally we're in Fort Wayne
Our apartment is still full of boxes
Slowly, we are unpacking and getting our home in order
Lot of good and bad has happened during these few weeks
There was a death in the family the day after we moved
And, we went to the funeral the weekend after we moved in
I shall miss my friend indeed.

Some of the school subjects are a wee bit hard for Bob
And, I am doing my best to help him along
He is learning Biblical Greek right now.
Which is rather difficult to memorize
The other subjects, he is doing fine in.

May God be with Bob, as he learns these tough subjects, esp. Greek and may God keep Bob healthy and alert during these next couple of years of learning how to become a Pastor and may God help Bob whenever he feels discouraged during the course of the years.

I just know that he will become wonderful and great Pastor

I love the ole boy...

Love from

Patty Maggie Anne Hunter


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