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Talking Twin Babies Babble about Google's +1

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Chirbit - Gowan 1010 Talk Radio Interview 2010 - StyxVal - share audio easily

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Chirbit - Tommy Shaw at The Grand Ole Opry March 26,... - StyxVal - share audio easily

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(Cole / Coleman)

Peggy Lee - 1949
Desi Arnez - 1951
Sallie Blair - 1957
The Surfaris - 1963
Also recorded by: Caterina Valente; Bobby Darin;
Martin Denny; Jimmy Dorsey; Artie Shaw; Edmundo Ross.

(I Similau, I Similau, I Similau, I Similau)

Spirit in the wood beat the hollow cane
Spirit in the wood take away the pain
Make the body ripe and alive again
I Similau (I Similau, I Similau)

Spirit in the heart make the blood flow fast
Spirit in the heart make the beauty last
Keep the hope alive when the youth go past
I Similau (I Similau, I Similau)

When my lover comes upon the scene
Drop a petal from the tree
Fling the mountain up into the sky
Fill the river with the sea

Spirit in the wood let the hollow cane
Echo in the afterglow
Waiting for the flame to burn again
I Similau (I Similau I Similau)

(Transcribed by Mel Priddle - September 2003)
(Additions by Nigel Hunter - February 2004)

Desi Arnaz - Similau

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God Help Us All (From Earthquakes in Japan)

God Help Us All
(From Earthquakes in Japan)
written by Patty Hunter
copyrighted (c)
March 12th, 2011

God help us all
from destruction from the fall
Lord, forgive us, our planet is crying.
Is earth slowly dying?
God bless Japan,
they're in need of many hands.

Radiation is falling
hell is near.
God, be with our people.
What's happening here?
For fear's spreading far and wide,
from this we cannot hide.

God help us all,
ten thousand had died from
Tsunami waves from within its wake.
God protect them,
be with them
there's still too many quakes.

Radiation is falling
hell is near.
God, be with our people.
What's happening here?
For fear's spreading far and wide,
from this we cannot hide.

But, we are banding together
to help the victims of the quake
The survivors will be helped.
A tragedy is what it takes
our world to become awake.

Radiation is falling
hell is near.
God, be with our people.
What's happening here?
For fear's spreading far and wide,
from this we cannot hide.

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The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story

By Patty Hunter
December 10, 2006
Copyrighted ©
Edited by Bob Hunter
Updated Feb. 19, 2012

The Christmas Story

Over 2000 years ago, Jesus, Son of God, came down from Heaven and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, became man, of whom the Blessed Virgin, named Mary, gave birth. Both Mary and Joseph, who were from the House of David, became engaged when she was a young woman. The Angel of the Lord came to her one night and said to her that she will bear a son, called Emmanuel, The Son of Peace, and He will bring a double-edged sword into the world, one side of the sword being salvation to His people, the other, death and damnation to the evil and unbelievers.

After the Angel of the Lord had spoken to Mary, the Holy Spirit came down from Heaven and Mary became pregnant with our Lord. Although she was a sinner, she’d found favor with God and had blessed Mary with the greatest gift of all. The King of Kings, Lord of Lords, was soon to be born into the world, to fulfill what the Holy Scriptures had foretold.

Jesus was to be called, "Son of God and Son of Man," thus fulfilling what the prophets had written. The prophets had ended with Jesus' cousin, John, The Baptist. John was the "Voice of one crying in the Wilderness" who first baptized many.

When Joseph found out that the Virgin Mary was with child, he was afraid of what would happen to her. You see, in those days, an unwed mother was stoned to death. Shamed, Joseph planned on sending Mary away.

When Joseph was sleeping that night, the Angel of the Lord came into Joseph's dream and said not to be ashamed of Mary, for she has indeed been chosen to give birth to our Creator's Son, because God had found favor in Mary. After Joseph woke up, he took Mary and wed her. But, Joseph didn’t touch her, for he knew she was pregnant with the Holy Child.

When Mary began showing, she went to her cousin, Elizabeth. Elizabeth was with child herself and she was six months along. When Elizabeth saw Mary, Elizabeth’s child leaped with joy inside. Elizabeth and her husband, Zechariah, would call their son, John. Elizabeth said that truly the Virgin Mary was blessed amongst all women.

After Mary went back home, Joseph found out that they had to go to Bethlehem for the census, for Joseph's and Mary's lineage was from there.

When they arrived in Bethlehem, with Mary riding on a donkey, she started into labor. They had to find a place soon for she was due to give birth anytime. They went to an inn but had been refused a room and were turned away. As they started to leave, the owner of the inn said he had a barn and, that Joseph and Mary could go there to rest. That night, Jesus was born.

When baby Jesus, was born, a multitude of angels appeared in the sky from Heaven above, shouting:
"Glory to God on High, glad tidings for the people on Earth,” for Emmanuel has been born.

Shepherds minding their flocks that night had seen the angels and were very afraid. But they were told not to be frightened, for the Lord on High was made man, the Son of God was here on Earth giving sinners salvation.

A bright and shining star was over the barn where the Virgin Mary and Joseph were with Baby Jesus. The shepherds found the Christ Child in a manger. Jesus had been wrapped in swaddling clothes. Joseph and Mary called their child, Jesus, who is our Messiah, Emmanuel, Prince of Peace and Lord of Lords, King of the unending Kingdom. Jesus was Son of Man and Son of God, who came down from Heaven and was made man to save us all.

Several wise men who from far and wide, found out about the Christ Child, went to Him and offered Him gold, frankincense and myrrh. Gold for his Royal Highness, fragrances for prayers of sinners and myrrh for the future burial as foretold in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Through His Crucifixion our salvation has been completed.

May God bless you and may He keep you and yours safely in the Palms of His Holy Hands, Amen!!