Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ode to my father, of whom I love very much

Ode to my father, of whom I love very much
This song is dedicated to my father, Steve Lenaghan

There lived a man in Ontario, Canada, named Steve Lenaghan
Of whom I considered to be a loyal and loving friend
This friend is my father, without him I wouldn't have existed
Between my mother, Gertrude and him, I'm glad they made the risk,
Of having my sisters, step-brother and me, the rest is history.

My father is a likable person, makes friends wherever he goes
From my childhood to now, love for him shall continually grow
I have watched him become matured into a person who is wise
A wise man that grew up and always made whatever right.
May God continue to bless Steve in his adventures forever.

Steve Lenaghan, gave me away at my wonderful wedding.
He was there and had rejoiced when Bob gave me my ring.
My ring that told the world that I had finally married,
To a wonderful and kind man, now and till death do us part.
My father, Steve, is so proud of my husband, thank you, Jesus.

You know, my father, Steve, was born to help to give us life.
I am so grateful, now let our father live without strife,
Dear Lord, please be with my father, now and forever
May Jesus always be with my father and forsake him never.
I know that Steve will go home to the Lord, Oh Hallelujah, Amen.

Steve Lenaghan, may his name be remembered forever
God bless Steve's soul and be with him, now and forever.
For it is God's wish to love my father, Steve Lenaghan.
May our family stick together and help our fellow man
And to our family, the fellow man is our father, Steve Lenaghan

Amen, again, I say, amen
May God continue to bless Steve Lenaghan
Throughout his life and beyond.
May my father live forever in our God's bosom.
I am happy my father, Mr. Steve Lenaghan, is a Christian, too.



Update on Patty Hunter's Testimony

Update on Patty Hunter's Testimony
October 30, 2006
Written by Patty Hunter

When you have a disease such as mine, which I had for all of my life
You should not worry about the future, life is too short for that.
Because, you know, I will go to Heaven, in spite of myself.
Jesus is Lord; He is the Word, the Way, the Truth and the Life
May God Bless all who suffers from deadly and terminal diseases.
For those who are believers in Christ, we know that life is short
And when the time is right for us to leave this Earthly life,
We will eternally live in Heaven along with the Holy Trinity.
I know that I have a job to do whilst I am here on this sphere
What I must do I really don’t know which is a puzzlement
But one thing for sure, I am not finished yet
Until then, I have a whole lot of living and so much to do.

I have been through some trials and tribulations recently
My Dad, being put into a hospital, what with Alzheimer’s
And, because of my fears of death, I was looking to others for relief.
Instead, of looking towards Jesus, and then my husband…
I looked elsewhere for answers and solutions to my problems.
Only God can give me peace and tranquility here and at home.
Home, meaning living in Heaven along with the other saints
I know that when Dad passes on, he shall indeed go home
To be with my late Mom, who is very much alive, as well.

Also, in the past month, my buddy and best male friend, Edmund
Died of cancer. In the latter part of his life, he suffered greatly.
I know that he is home now, may God continue to bless Edmund
And may God keep Edmund safely in the Palms of His Hands.
Edmund was always proud and happy to hear from me
And listened to my lyrics. I loved him and it made me humbled.
I was a close friend to Edmund, we shared many a secret,
We helped each other in work, solving problems, and such.
I shall miss you, ole buddy, my Precious, with love

From your Bubbles, (aka Patty)

May God bless my family and keep them safely in the Palms of His Hands.
I have many friends; male as well as female… may they go home, also.
And, I am making new friends as each day goes by… God bless them all.

May I continue to write these poems and lyrics for the Lord and for His people.
May I live long to help people around the world, see and hear the Truth.
About our Saviour, Emmanuel, Prince of Peace, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
All of these titles are one and the same…
God incarnate… Jesus, Son of Man and Son of God...
For without Him, we would not be saved.
And, we would not be able to live forever with our Lord and Master
Jesus is the only mediator between God and us,
Jesus said, “The only way you can get to the Father is through me!”
For without God, we shall live in damnation
And forever be without Love from the Holy Triune and other saints
Such as ourselves and our relatives who had passed on before us..
Our ancestors… long may they reign.

God Bless you and yours whilst you are still here on Earth
May my lyrics and poems reach someone out there and help them
May people face what is going on out there and maybe, help one another.

May God be with you always, my friends.. Now and forever.


Corrected on October 31, 2006
Copyrighted, one needs permission
To use this testimony of Patty Hunter