Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We're on the road again

We’re On the Road Again

Written by Patty Hunter

August 26, 2008

© Copyrighted

We’re on the road again
Well, folks, that is what we’re up and doing now.
This time we’re going to Fort Wayne, IN.
Faith and begorra, mercy full heavens and all, eh?
Bob is going to Concordia Theological Seminary
To study to become a Pastor of the Lutheran Missouri Church
We’ve the faith that we will be (prayerfully) traveling safely
And be getting there on time.

Bob’s classes start on September 8th of this year.
I am very happy and honoured to have him for a husband.

It’s not every day one has a Pastor in the family, and such, hmmm?

As, for me, Patty, I pray that I will be getting a job
Real soon, so that I can pay the bills when they come up

We've a lot of boxes to move from our 2-bedroom apartment
Have more going to Fort Wayne, IN than when we first moved
Here into this apartment in Charlotte, NC. 3 years ago.

Let’s see, whilst we were living here in Charlotte, NC
I have co-written with two people, two songs.

I, now have two producers, and publishers of great song of ours
Meaning, one of my producers is Tony Smith of Nashville, TN…
And the song is called “God Speed” and I have many fans of that song, too.

Tony is very talented plus a wonderful person, to boot... thank you, Tony for working with me and our song... I just know that our song will become a hit.

One of his friends, Patricia Conroy, sang the master demo for us as a favour.
Patricia is a famous folk and country singer in Canada and around the world, too.

The co-writer of the other song goes by the name of LaWanda Estellas
Or her real name, LaWanda Romaros of the singing family, the Romaros.
Together we wrote a wonderful and touching demo called
“Precious in His Eyes” and our publisher and producer who
Is Ms Jo Crowe of Crowe Entertainment, is also from Nashville, TN
Ms Jo is a very sweet person and so is LaWanda.
And the one who did the sound mix was Tommy DeVine,
Who is quite skilled in his work and is also a singer and songwriter, too.

Thank you, Jo and LaWanda and as well, Tommy… you did good.

I am proud of you and proud of knowing y’all.

My agent, Jackie, is sending out more of my lyrics to other singers and a third band is looking at and working with one my lyrics
When they are finished with the demo, then I will tell you who they are… I love mysteries, don't you?? lol

Jackie is my best friend and is helping me out to pitch my lyrics, and such

Thank you, Jackie… for helping me out,

You’re me buddy and a spiritual sister, o’ mine.

May we know each other and be friends all of our lives in this physical life and for eternity.

I am so excited in the way things are going for Bob and I.

Here is hoping and praying for a wonderful, peaceful and long life for the both of us married ole folks, eh?

I love him a whole heaping full… lol

May God’s blessings be with y’all over this ole world of ours, eh?

Aye, we, Bob and I, are Canadians living in the US of A.

And, we’re on the road again

Patty Maggie Anne Hunter

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Olympics are here to stay

The Olympics are here to stay
Written by Patty Hunter
August 15, 2008
(c) Copyrighted


Greece invented the Olympics
And, introduced it to the world
This is one way of keeping peace
Amongst the nations, even for
A short while down here, on Earth.


The Olympics are here to stay
God gave us the urge to compete
To help show we can win or lose
With dignity and grace.


God is showing us that we can
Live as one when the time
Is right throughout the lands.
When we've won the final race,
Together we can rest in peace.


Oh, people of Earth, when the end of time comes
How many will go home to be with the Holy Triune of God?
The Olympics are here to stay as a reminder
That believers will become one in Heaven.


The Olympics are here to stay
God gave us the urge to compete
To help show we can win or lose
With grace and dignity.

Holy Triune of God is the Holy the Name of God, the Father.. God, the Son and God, the Holy Spirit.... One God, in three persons, blessed Trinity.

God be with you and yours!

Patty Maggie Anne Hunter