Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh, my love

Oh, my love
Written by Patty Hunter
(c) copyrighted
February 21, 2009

This is a dedication
To my loving husband,
Who I'll cherish, now and forever.

Oh, my love
We've had our ups and downs.
For a long time now,
We've been together.
Ah, my love,
No one else will do.

Been through hell and back,
Seen members of our family
Leave this Earth.
Through good and bad times,
We've survived together,
Physically and emotionally.

May we be together
For a long time,
And, live in peace.
For not everyday,
We can see eye to eye.
And, that is life.

My beloved husband,
I love you so much.
It is wonderful when we touch.
When you are down, I am there.
When you are happy,
I rejoice with you, always.

Oh, my love,
I thank our Lord, God
For putting us together.
May it be a permanent,
And everlasting union,
Whilst we are down here.

May long life be with us.
And, let no man or woman
Put our marriage asunder.
May we age together in life.
And, not be afraid as we
Finally leave this Earth.

May we go to Heaven
To meet our Maker.
May we live eternally
With Him who is our
God, in Three Persons,
Our Blessed Trinity.